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our concept

Inheritance, innovation,
and high quality

With this as our catchphrase,
we will inherit our 90-year history,
incorporate innovative technology,
and aim for the highest quality.


  • Eyeglasses Business

    Eyeglass lens processing machine
    Including "FUJI-370MX"
    We manufacture tracers etc. that are compatible with high curve frames.

  • Semiconductor Business

    We manufacture edge processing machines that can handle various materials such as silicon wafers and glass, as well as crystal and metal.

  • Industrial machinery business

    The technology can also be used outside the eyewear industry, such as polishing watch glass and chamfering LCD screens.

  • Assembly Business

    Tailored to customer needs
    We respond to a variety of requests.

We provide highly convenient and reliable equipment
and continue to move forward to stay ahead of the times.



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